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Our Mission: To encourage and inspire learners by providing quality private tutors in South Africa and internationally online

- an academic start -

In 1999, during his second year of university, Tony Richardson founded a tutoring agency which he named Education Matters. In 2007 he sold the growing business to Heather Scrooby, a systems analyst and programmer. She immediately began designing customised applications to better serve both scholars and their tutors. 
In 2009, Sheelagh Tingle, a former Education Matters client took over as manager. She puts her people skills to good use assessing tutors and assisting lesson co-ordinators to match them with learners. She is also a steadfast believer in the power of one on one tuition, having home schooled her own son for 3 years.
Sheelagh is ably assisted by her partner, John, recruitment manager, Mayrene, technician, Sam and software developer, Heather.

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- a future vision -

Mainstream scholars, homeschoolers, university students, distance learners, and adults wanting to learn a new langage or skill are choosing to use the services of personal tutors. to help them achieve their academic goals. As a result the demand for one on one tuition has risen sharply worldwide.
In order to deal with the high volume of enquiries Education Matters receives daily, we made a decision in early 2017 to offer area licenses to local lesson co-ordinators. They receive the training and the tools to run their own tutoring businesses from home.
This has proved to be a great success and we look forward to assisting more students, employing more tutors and empowering more licensees in the future.

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Online tutoring has become very popular and we are already promoting South African tutors worldwide, teaching students as far afield as Holland, Uk, Canada, Hong Kong and USA via our own online tutoring platform.

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"Yay I passed my accounts this year thanks to Amos. Now I don't have to do it again." Khanyi Pretoria 2014
"I can't thank you enough. I have a happy child who wants to go to school and is now getting As for the first time ever." Mrs Shezi Pretoria 2017
"Kyra is doing really well and recently got 91% for a test. She is still catching up after starting EGD for the 1st time at the end of Grade 10." Shannon Durban June 17

One on one tuition is convenient, flexible, competitively priced and gets results!

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Practice exam technique with past papers or discover your own learning style in a multiple intelligence test. Check your colourblind status and do an online eye test and hearing test. Plus get links to useful sites to guide you on your academic journey.

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