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Call Us: 0861113979: Daily 7 - 7

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Behind the Scenes

We thought you might like to know how much effort we put in to finding you the right tutor

1 Tutor Screening

We are continually advertising for and registering new tutors. They are often graduates or current or retired teachers. However the minimum requirement is that they must be in their second year or above of a tertiary degree. Every applicant undergoes a thorough screening process which includes but is not limited to a qualification verification and reference check.

2 Tutor Registration

Candidates who successfully pass our screening procedures are then loaded onto our tutor database. This software program has been designed and customised to work using google maps to pinpoint tutor locations. This is how we can source a tutor close enough to travel to their student’s homes and is how we make sure they spend more time tutoring and less time travelling.

3 Lesson Co-ordinators

Each Education Matters enquiry is passed to a dedicated Lesson Co-ordinator who responds either by calling the prospective client or emailing them. They are trained to ask the questions needed to establish the specific individual needs and preferences of each client and student. This is how we assess which of our tutors would have the required knowledge AND be a good fit for the student and his or her family.

4 Assigning a Tutor

When the Lesson co-ordinator has all the information needed to find the best possible tutor for the student, s/he then does a search on our database to find a suitable tutor who is close by and available at the times required. Tutors are then contacted and "re-interviewed" to make doubly sure they would be a good match for that particular student.

5 Lesson Scheduling

Lesson co-ordinators email Lesson confirmations to both student and tutor and contact both after the first session to see how it went. Occasionally tutors will need to be replaced but generally at this stage a lesson schedule will be set up.

6 Monitoring Student Progress

Tutors are expected to report on a monthly basis on the student progress and lesson co-ordinators contact the tutors during the month to ensure objectives are being achieved.

7 Lesson Rescheduling

One of the major benefits of one on one tuition is its flexibility. Tutors and clients can contact the lesson co-ordinator in advance to reschedule lessons if needed

8 Client Accounts and Tutor Payments

These are handled by our administration department. Tutors are paid monthly on presentation of a signed and verified timesheet. Clients receive updates on their accounts at the end of every month in which they have had a lesson.

9 Additional behind the scenes activities

There are many other aspects to running a successful tutoring agency but we hope this brief glimpse into what we do every day gives you an idea of how hard we work to ensure your experience with us is a happy one and that our students achieve their academic goals.

We look forward to getting to know you and assisting you with all your tutoring needs

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