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Call Us: 0861113979: Daily 7 - 7

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Mounting traffic congestion and escalating travel costs take their toll on tutors who go in person to student's homes for extra lessons. Advances in communications technology and improved internet connections have made it possible for tutors to teach and students to enjoy lessons online. Education Matters tutors have been successfully tutoring students in a variety of subjects online for the past 2 years using our in house tutoring platform.

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  • For tutors & students
  • Device - Use a laptop or PC
  • Check Internet connection
  • Always use headphones
  • Do an online sound check
  • Location - no distractions
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South Africa is known as The Rainbow Nation because of its varied population. Education Matters has registered tutors from South Africa, Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa.The solving of South Africa's bandwidth problems in late 2015 has opened the gateway to the world for our tutors in the field of online tutoring. Besides the fact that  our tutors are screened and talented, they are also fluent in English and many other languages with many completing their tertiary education in countries such as America, Uk, Canada, Holland and Russia. The exchange rates for our currency and most first world countries makes our tutoring rates very competitive and affordable and our time zone differences are manageable. Our in house online tutoring platform ensures you only pay for the time your are taught.To learn more about our online tutors or book one for yourself - Contact us or complete our Online Form

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"You have saved me an extra year of university tuition fees. Lisa passed her EGD module in the supplementary exam due to the lessons she had with the tutor in the holidays." Bongani Capetown 2015
"My host family was very surprised that I could speak to them in their home language. The online isiXhosa lessons prepared me in more ways than I expected. This was a great experience." Yvette Hull UK 2017
"Thanks so much for your help with my Unisa French assignment. I can manage on my own now I understand what they want." Elisabeth East London 2017

Selecting the right tutor for the student is crucial to the accelerated learning and rapid results that are acheived with one on one tuition.

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Practice exam technique with past papers or discover your own learning style in a multiple intelligence test. Check your colourblind status and do an online eye test and hearing test. Plus get links to useful sites to guide you on your academic journey.

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