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Call Us: 0631088598 & 0740127143: Daily 9 to 4

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Learn Afrikaans quickly by speaking, hearing and practicing it with your own private tutor. A home language Afrikaans tutor will ensure correct pronunciation and teach you culture specific expressions to assist you both socially and in business. Replacing standard Dutch as an official language in the early 20th century, Afrikaans is spoken today by more than 7 million people across South Africa. It is a linguists dream, being a mixture of Dutch and German with a lesser influence of French and English and a sprinkling of a variety of the languages of the indigenous tribes of southern Africa.

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Over the past 18 years we have built an extensive database of qualified professionals across South Africa and therefore have access to a large number of individuals speaking many different languages. We will source a tutor for any language who can go to your home or office for private lessons.

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"Just to let you know I am off to Austria as I passed the German A1 course. The tutoring was fantastic." Myrna Durban 2015
"My host family was very surprised that I could speak to them in their home language. The online isiXhosa lessons prepared me in more ways than I expected. This was a great experience." Yvette Hull UK 2017
"learning Afrikaans was not as difficult as I expected. the lessons with a tutor definitely helped me learn a lot quicker."  Etienne Pretoria 2017
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