Call Us 0631088598 & 0740127143: Daily 9 to 4

Call Us 0631088598 & 0740127143: Daily 9 to 4

Improve written and spoken business English with a one on one tutor

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Millions of people across the globe use English everyday to conduct business. English speaking, listening, writing and comprehension skills can be  greatly improved very quickly with the help of a one on one tutor who will customise the course to complement the  student's specialised area of business. One on one tuition is the best way to learn a language and to improve fluency in it.  

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We have access to post graduates in most fields of study

For 18 years we have built and nurtured our database of qualified professionals across South Africa. This means we have access to a large number of individuals with a wide range of skills countrywide. We will very likely be able to meet your professional requirements  - Contact us

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Past Exam Papers, IQ & Other Tests

Practice exam technique with past papers or discover your own learning style in a multiple intelligence test. Check your colourblind status and do an online eye test and hearing test. Plus get links to useful sites to guide you on your academic journey.

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